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Mission Statement & Objectives

CPCC mission:
The Career and Personal Counseling Centre is dedicated to creating a positive & healthy environment for our students which promotes their academic, career, personal & social development.

Objective of the Career and Personal Counseling Centre:

The Career and Personal Counseling Centre (CPCC) amis at helping students understand and accept themselves “as they are”. The CPCC services range from vocational guidance (aptitude testing), career counseling, personal counseling, skill enhancement programmes, workshops which include group discussions, presentation skills , stress management, time management etc. Students can come to the centre when they need vocational guidance, career counseling or personal counseling.

Career Counseling Session with us:

we provide our students with support, guidance, skills and resources through aptitude testing measuring student’s abilities, interests and personality. We also assist students with information on institutes, admission procedures and courses for further education. We help students with information in exploring new and upcoming careers to enable them to achieve their full career potential.

Personal Counseling Session with us:

we aim at helping the student understand and accept themselves “as they are”, and bring about a voluntary change for better self- development. We facilitate students under any situation to speak to an experienced counselor in a safe and secure place dedicated for students.


Sequence of Sessions for Career and Personal Counseling

First Session
  • Taking up case histories
  • Rapport building
  • Understanding the problem area
  • Giving a follow up date

Second Session
  • Administering a psychometric or psychological test depending on requirement of the student
  • Analyzing the test report and providing information on courses and education.
  • Applying psychological therapies based on the need of the student

Third Session
  • Discussing the test report with the student
  • Providing students with different solutions to think independently
  • Give student multiple career choices to match their skill and interest.
  • Assisting students in decision making in their career and personal areas.
  • Taking Students feedback.

Courses and Workshops

Personal Grooming & Personality Enhancement Course

The Career and Personal Counseling Center organizes a 3 day course on Personal Grooming & Personality Enhancement. The course is held during Diwali and Christmas vacation. The course covers aspects like grooming (such as hair and make-up, dressing effectively etc), lifestyle management, public speaking, telephone etiquette, table etiquette, posture, personality enhancement, diet and fitness,  

A certificate is issued to those completing the course satisfactorily. Those interested in the course can register their names at the centre or download and fill the form given below.

Admission form of Student Support Services

Self Development Training Workshop:

We conduct Self Development Training workshop for students once a year. The purpose of the workshop is to help students to achieve their aspired goals. It includes stress management, time management and self motivation. The workshop is open to all students.

Career Guidance Workshops:

The workshop is designed to help students gain information on careers that could be pursued and employment opportunities to consider on majoring in a specific subject. We also conduct career guidance workshops to help students know the importance of aptitude testing and choosing the right career
Career Talks and Seminars:

Career talks and seminars are organized for students by inviting experts from different fields . These talks and seminars provide a platform to students to understand and discuss  on subjects specific to the seminar.








In our quest to help students grow as individuals the Career and Personal Counseling Centre also conducts various fun activities as listed below:

Mind Kraft :
Annual event of the centre for Chowgule Tigers to participate in co-curricular activities for the overall development of a student and to promote the services of the centre.

Career Camp : :
We organize Career camps for schools and Higher Secondary’s inviting experts from various fields to interact with students on subjects of interests eg. Engineering, Articulture, Banking, Journalism, Company Secretary, etc. Besides which we also conduct aptitude test and guidance for all students.

Upcoming Events 2018-19

The Career and Personal Counseling Centre is planning the following events in the next academic year 2018-19.



Name Designation
Kimberly Mascarenhas Personal Counselor

Our location

Career and Personal counseling Centre,
Student Support Services,
Computer Science Block, Top Floor
Extension No.:2221, 2217

UNDERTAKING:The College hereby declares that the institution will abide by all the regulations of UGC notified from time to time.
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