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Mission Statement

“The Statistical Analysis Support Service (SASS) offers services such as design appropriate questionnaires, collates the data collected, arranges the data in order of its importance, analyzes it in a meaningful way and presents it in a manner that enables the researcher to draw logical and meaningful conclusions.

A full time Statistician helps to carry out data analysis and its interpretation, to draw a meaningful conclusion with the help of statistical packages such as SPSS, R and Excel. The outcome of the work carried out by SASS enhances the clarity about understanding various research problems and it also leads to improvement in the quality of the research conducted on various topics.

SASS welcomes our college faculty, students and even individuals from other institutes and industries”.


We expect staff/student to book an appointment in advance in order to discuss research problem. As a result of this preliminary doubts in research problem can be solved up to certain extent. Each session is scheduled for 45-60 minutes.

People from outside the college can also avail this facility, they can take appointment through telephone or email as mentioned on the website.


SASS conducts workshops on following topics for TY/PG students

One day workshop on Data Entry (using EXCEL): This workshop gives an idea to students about making excel spreadsheet to preserve collected data.

One day workshop on Introduction to EXCEL: This workshop gives an idea about the tools and techniques while using EXCEL

One day workshop on Data analysis using EXCEL: This work will help students to use EXCEL effective to analyze collected data

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Student Support Services,
Computer Science Block, Top Floor
Extension No.:2229

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