Parvatibai Chowgule College

Charges for Student Support Services

The fee structure of the College includes charges for "Student Support Services". These charges are for the following facilities provided for the students:

1. Unlimited use of wi-fi on the College campus.
2. Unlimited use of Computer Labs.
3. Benefit of uninterrupted power supply facility on the College campus.
4. Benefit of a clean and healthy campus.
5. Benefit of clean and hygienic canteen and convenient stores facility.
6. Benefit of state-of-the-art gymnasium facility on the campus at concessional rates.
7. Unlimited use of Writing Centre.
8. Unlimited use of Career and Personal counseling and guidance.
9. Unlimited use of Statistical Analytical Support.
10. Concessional fees for Business English Certificate Examination.
11. Opportunities to participate in short term International Exchange Programmes with renowned educational institutions abroad.
12. Opportunities to pursue academic courses in highly ranked universities overseas.
13. Participate in internship programme to gain valuable work experience while pursuing academic Courses.
14. Get benefit from continually updated course content in academics.
15. Concessional fees for Portuguese language courses.
16. Membership of Portuguese Film Club.
17. Use of technical and learning support for computer programmes.
18. Benefit of international faculty on the campus.
19. Benefit and use of the state-of-the-art Tigers Studio on the campus.
20. Funding for selected departmental events.
21. Concessional rate at physiotherapy center.
22. Part funding for Prom Night and Graduation ceremony.
23. Concessional fees for short term courses/Programmes.
24. Extended hours of library usage bon request.
25. Benefit of 20 books issue from library.
26. Extra faculty/invited guest faculty to facilitate teaching learning.
All these benefits and facilities are unique to the College. The fee is for continued use and maintenance of these facilities and not for creating them. In case there is difficulty in paying these fees, the scheme "earn while you learn" is available to students.

Note: In case of any difficulty, please contact the Principal of the College
UNDERTAKING:The College hereby declares that the institution will abide by all the regulations of UGC notified from time to time.
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