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Admission - FAQ

  • What information should be included when submitting an application for std. XI ?
    For Std. XI
    • The statement of marks at S.S.C. or Equivalent Examination --Original & Photocopies…
    • The School Leaving Certificate from the last School attended --Original & Photocopies…
    • Provisional Eligibility Certificate from the Goa State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Porvorim, in the case of students who have not passed SSC examination from Goa Board.
    • Six copies of identity card size photograph of the student.
  • What information should be included when submitting an application for Undergratduate Courses ?
    • The statement of marks at H.S.S.C. or Equivalent Examination – Original & Photocopies.
    • The School Leaving Certificate from the last School attended – Original & Photocopies(2 copies).
    • Provisional Eligibility Certificate from the Goa University in the case of students who have not passed H.S.S.C. examination from Goa board.
    • Six copies of identity card size photograph of the student.
    • If any student is seeking admission from other university for Second Year & Third Year then he/she has to produce migration cerificate.
    • If the student is seeking admission at Second & Third year level from other Institution should submit transferance certificate .
  • How will you notify me regarding a decision on my application ?
    Only after payment of fees your admission is confirmed.
  • Is it difficult to be admitted to chowgules if you are an out of state applicant ?
    An out-of -state applicant has to submit Provisional eligibilty certificate from Goa University.
  • How may I obtain information about various programs available at Chowgules ?
    See the Prospectus.
  • When will college re-open after Summer vacation ?
    Re-opening date is intimated to us by Goa University. Usually the college re-opens on 15th June every year. Notice will be put up on the website.
  • When will admissions to FY/SY/TY classes commence ?
    Usually in the first week of June or immediately after the declaration of TY result. Students have to download the application form, fill it up and submit in the office.
  • Does the college issue Leaving Certificate on completion of degree course ?
    No. College will issue Transfer Certificate only when the student pursues further studies in colleges affiliated to Goa University. Transfer and Migration Certificate will be issued if the student wishes to pursue further studies in Universities other than Goa University. For detail instruction, please visit this page Appln for Migration Certificate, Appln for transfer certificate.
  • What are the Certificate courses offered by the college ?
    College offers Certificate course in French. This is a one year course. No.of Seats : 20, Course fee : Rs.1200/- . Application form available on the web. Course commences from August 16, 2007. Admission is open to all public. Age no bar. Besides the above, college also offers the following UGC sponsored Career-oriented courses:
Sr. No. Courses Duration No. of Seats Name of the co-ordinator
1. Travel & Tourism Management 30 credits 20 Dept.of Geography
2. Video Editing 30 credits 20 Prof. Anand Masur
Dept. of Mathematics
3. Functional Hindi 30 credits 20 Dr. O.Tripathi
HOD of Hindi
A. For Science
4. Hardware Maintenance 30 credits 20 Mrs. Shaila Ghanti
Dept. Of Computer Science
5. Environment Auditing 30 credits 20 Prof. P.N.Kavri
HOD of Zoology
6. Electronic Appliance Maintenance 30 credits 20 Prof.S.N.Pai Raiturkar
HOD of Physics
  • What are the different types of scholarships available to the students ?
    Students can apply for the following scholarships
    • Rajiv Gandhi Shikshan Sahaya Yojana Scholarship for EBC students of Higher Secondary/College/Postgraduate.
    • Educational Concession to the Children of Freedom Fighters for the year 2007-08.
    • Stipend and Scholarship for Differently Abled.
    • Post Matric Scholarship to SC/ST/OBC students.
    • Kalaskar Educational Services - Scholoarship & loans to students of Christian Communities .
  • When is the Entrance Exam for Postgraduate courses held ?
    Usually in the first week of June or immediately after the declaration of TY result. Students have to download the application form, fill it up and submit in the office.
  • What is Central Printing – PCounter ?
    Printing is available for students, faculty & staff on all LAN connected computers within Chowgule College campus.We have the following printers;
    • Dot Matrix Printer –For draft quality printing
    • Black & White Laser Printer
    • Color Laser Jet Printer – A4 Size
    • Color Laser Jet Printer – A3 Size
    • 50 credits free of costs
    • 0.5 credit = 1 page of Dot Matrix Printing
    • 2.0 credit = One A4 size page B/W Laser Jet Printing
    • 10.0 credits = One A4 size page Color Laser Jet Printing
    • 20.0 credits = One A3 size page Color Laser Jet Printing
    • Any additional credits will have to purchased at Rs.1.00 per Credit. All printing credits can be purchased at the Library.
    List of Printers
  • \\\B/W laser1_Rs.2
  • \\\B/W laser2_Rs.2
  • \\\B/W laser3_Rs.2
  • \\\Color laser_Rs.10
  • \\\Lab1:B/W laser4_Rs.2
  • \\\Lab2:B/W laser5_Rs.2
    How to Add printers
  1. Click on START, Go to Control Panel & then click on PRINTERS.
  2. A Printers dialogue box will open displaying printers present in the network which are listed above, if these printers are not listed then follow the steps given below.
  3. Click on ADD A PRINTER and an ADD PRINTER WIZARD will open then click on the NEXT Button.
  6. In the Name Box Type \\\ a list of all the printers will be displayed, select the required printer and then click on NEXT.
  7. All the printers have to be added one by one following the same steps.
    Steps to Print a Document
  1. Open the Document
  2. Click on FILE then click on PRINT.
  3. A print dialogue box will open.
  4. Under First select the Printer by clicking on the drop down arrow next to NAME and then click on the printer name (example: \\\B/W laser1_Rs.2) for a Black and white print out.
  5. Click on the PROPERTIES then a properties dialogue box will open.
  6. Click on Paper/Quality tab. Under paper option select paper size as A4 by clicking on the drop down arrow then Click on OK.
  7. Under PRINT RANGE select ALL if you want to print all the pages of the document OR CURRENT PAGE if you want to print the page you are currently viewing and the curser should be on that particular page OR PAGES if you want to print particular pages or a range of pages (kindly read the instruction given in the print dialogue box to know the format).
  8. Under COPIES you can insert the number of copies to be printed of the same document by clicking on the top or down arrow by default it is 1.
  9. Then click on OK.
  10. If your prints have been sent to the printer then a message will pop up on the task bar displaying the same.
  11. Once your document is printed then an email will be sent to you stating your printing credit balance status.

The above steps are applicable for all the applications of MS Office.

Printing Credits

Every Chowgule college student gets 50 credits FREE for printing, for 2009-2010 academic year. Student/Staff can purchase more credits from Computer Lab1 between 11.00- 1.00pm, Monday- Saturday.

Contact Persons: Mrs. Pallavi Dessai / Mr. Mario Pinto / Mr. Rupesh Shirodkar in Computer Lab1

2 Credits will be charged for each Black & White Print.

10 Credits will be charged for each Color Print.

1 credit = 1 Rupee.

You can give the prints from Computer Lab1 (Library), Computer Lab2 (D-101), departmental computer or your personal Laptop & Collect them after half an hour from Printing Counter at Library.

    Steps to scan a Document / Picture / Photograph
Scanner is available in Computer Lab1
  1. First check if the scanner is connected to the PC and then switch it ON.
  2. Open the scanner lid and then place the document on the top left keeping the side to be scanned the scanner base.
  3. Click on START and the click on HP solution Center.
  4. Select the icon button depending on the job you want to scan (Picture, Document, Photos). Example: Document.
  5. A scanning from the Scan Document button dialogue box will open.
  6. Under File type select the format you want to save your work.
  7. For Document you can select PDF OR Rich text if you want to make any changes in the scanned document.
  8. For Photos you can select JPG.
  9. Click on Save to file Save Options Button, it will open another dialogue box.
  10. Under BASE FILE NAME enter the name of the document.
  11. Under SAVE LOCATION select the destination you want to save your work by clicking on Browse.
  12. e.g Select the Z: drive option for your work to be saved in the network drive. By default it will be saved in My Document\My scans folder.
  13. Click on OK.
  14. Then click on the Scan button.
  15. Wait for the document scanning process to initiate; it will display the preview of the scanned document. The preview will have a selection tool (shown as dashed rectangle), using that you can select the area you want to scan.
  16. Then Click on the Accept Button.
  17. A message will be displayed asking you, if you want to scan another page.
  18. If you want to scan another page of the same document then select YES, if no then select NO.
  19. If Selected YES then place the new work (page) and then select New scan then you have to follow the steps No.12 to No.14.
  20. If you have selected NO then wait till the work gets saved, your scanned work will be saved at the destination you have chosen.

For registering your Laptops : Please contact Mr. Mohandas Naik in Computer Lab2 between 09:45AM - 11:15AM.

UNDERTAKING:The College hereby declares that the institution will abide by all the regulations of UGC notified from time to time.
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