Swachh Bharath Initiative

At Parvatibai Chowgule College of
Arts & Science 

A Clean India Pledge by the Students of the Chowgule Education Society

We want to grow up in a clean India. Cleanliness will allow us to have a bright future. It will mean that our environment is sustainable and safeguarded. It will ensure that we move towards eradicating the worst diseases that can be easily prevented. A clean society can provide the backdrop for a corruption-free India. We, the students of the Chowgule Education Society, are aware that the lack of cleanliness has the greatest negative impact on the poorest people - who are all our brothers and sisters. We will work towards a clean India for everyone in our country. As custodians of tomorrow, we believe that it is our duty to act now by making these pledges:

For our Campuses:

We pledge to be conscientious about recycling all waste. We will monitor and report transparently how we recycle, reuse and dispose of every item that is consumed in our places of learning.

For our Communities:

We pledge to be positive contributors to society. We will spread awareness and facilitate the development of a clean environment around our homes and campuses. We will share our values with all stakeholders in our communities to enable everyone to work together in realising a dream of a clean India.

For our World:

We pledge to be responsible global citizens and good ambassadors of India. When we interact with people from other countries, we will be respectful through our actions by doing our best to keep their places clean.

We make these promises because we know that we must take responsibility for our world. We do this because a clean India is vital not just for us, but for our future generations.