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Congratulations Mr. Venkatesh Prabhu Gaonkar !

Congratulations to Mr. Venkatesh Prabhu Gaonkar, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography (MSc. Geoinformatics), for having published a research paper in the book titled 'Ecological Footprints of Climate Change-Adaptive Approaches and Sustainability', Springer Climate.

Prabhu Gaonkar, V.G., Nadaf, F.M., Balajirao Kapale, V., Gaonkar, S., Shetkar, S., D’Silva, M. (2022). Analysing Spatio-temporal Changes in Land Surface Temperature of Coastal Goa Using LANDSAT Satellite Data. Ecological Footprints of Climate Change. Springer Climate. Springer, Cham. 517–541, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-15501-7_20.

The college is proud of his achievement!.