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Congratulations Winners !

Congratulations to the winners of "Prospective Geographers State Convention"!.

The TYBA students of the Department of Geography & Research Centre participated in an inter-collegiate event "Prospective Geographers State Convention" organized by the Department of Geography, Government College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Khandola on 21st January, 2023.

Ms. Tirtha Karmali secured Second Place in the Elocution competition; Ms. Teju Patil and Ms. Tirtha Karmali secured Third Place in Quiz competition; Ms. Azmerunissa Nissarnaie secured Third Place in the PPT presentation and Ms. Tulsi Tupe, Ms. Shifa Sayyad, Ms. Anisha D'souza and Ms. Maithali Redkar secured Third Place in the Treasure Hunt competition.

Our college secured Third Place in the overall event.

The college is proud of their achievements!.